Ensure that your company’s, your organisation’s or your association’s management and processing of personal data is in accordance with the new data protection regulation, GDPR.


Vitaprivata helps you with a total solution for inventory, documentation and implementation of GDPR in a simple, time-saving and cost-effective manner.

Ensure that your company’s, your organisation’s or your association’s management and processing of personal data is in accordance with GDPR – the new data protection regulation.

The following is included with your subscription:

  • Access to, and storage of your digital data, in accordance with GDPR regulations.
  • Hassle-free updates and documentation in a secure environment.
  • Continuous renewal of GDPR certificate.


Certain companies, organisations and associations may need advanced help with GDPR, for example if the company manages sensitive data.


We help you with the entire GDPR process. For a subscription fee of €9.90 per month and a start-up fee of €399 you receive help with Inventory, Documentation and Implementation. On completion of the process your business will be certified for GDPR.

Thereafter the information is stored on My Pages, your GDPR account, as long as you have a valid subscription. On your account you will find all the information you need, and you always have the possibility to update your GDPR documentation to ensure that everything is kept up to date.

Ongoing news updates are provided via our newsletter. Furthermore, your business will be included in our supplier register of companies and organisations that possess valid GDPR certification.


Do you have a customer register or a payroll or personnel register, or are there other contexts in which you manage and process personal data, in other words information about names, personal ID numbers, email addresses, images or other data that can be related to a particular natural person?

Then you need to be aware that the EU has decided to introduce a new regulation (GDPR) that contains more stringent requirements on the processing of personal data.

GDPR applies to all organisations and all industries and sectors where personal information about employees or customers is managed and processed. This means that new procedures and processes are required to ensure the secure management of registers.

Vitaprivata helps you to inventory, document and implement GDPR in a total solution.

We guide you through the entire process.


Vitaprivata’s total solution provides you with access to ready-to-use templates, policies and checklists that have been formulated and designed by experienced corporate lawyers.

No prior knowledge is required – it is easy for anyone to get started! We guide you through the inventory process, and you receive all the help you need to ensure that your business and your documentation meets the requirements imposed under GDPR.

You receive help with the preparation, methodically and in the right order, of the documentation of your business’ personal data in a manner that complies with the requirements of the GDPR regulation. You receive access to ready-to-use templates, policies and checklists that have been formulated and designed by experienced corporate lawyers. This provides you with a good overview and good control of all management and processing of your business’ personal data. You gather all documentation of your personal data work in one and the same location.

To help you in your work you also receive access to our implementation guide and training package, designed to make it easy for you to establish, conduct training and raise awareness of GDPR in your business operations and at management and Board level.

Time-saving and cost-effective!

”We are Sweden’s largest tenant-owner association with both members and tenants, and we chose the Vitaprivata method to ensure, in a user-friendly and structured manner, that the management and processing of our personal data is in compliance with GDPR. The simple process, the clear templates and the checklists made our work easy and saved us both time and money. Quite simply, Vitaprivata’s method for GDPR certification makes working with the new GDPR regulation efficient and easy.”

Kjell Johansson, Förvaltningschef, BRF Masthugget, Göteborg

”Folkteatern is a co-operative society with around 250 members. As a theatre we manage large amounts of personal data, and we viewed it as a major challenge to inventory, document and implement GDPR. We chose to use the method and process developed by Vitaprivata – and for our activities it worked fantastically well.”

Lena Petersson, admin., Folkteatern

”GoTa Ship Management provides cost-efficient, high quality ship management services, including technical management, crewing and consulting services. The company is privately owned by people with a long seafarer tradition, both on the nautical and technical side. We know the industry and its challenges very well and we have a real interest in making the best of it in terms of efficiency and cost-awareness. We chose vitaprivata.org because their process is living up to our vision. We highly recommend using Vitaprivata.org for your GDPR certification needs.”

Christer Green, MD,  Gota Ship Management AB, Gothenburg

Leif Holmberg, Dept. MD, Gota Ship Management AB, Gothenburg

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